English – Written Communication consisting of three (3) sections of comprehensive writing and vocabulary courses. Written Communication provides step-by-step instructions for handling sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, and pronunciation. It emphasizes practical writing techniques and library research. Topics include increasing vocabulary, understanding others better, and expressing oneself (especially in writing) confidently, correctly, and effectively.

  • English – This course covers the important basics of English: capitalization, punctuation, spelling, the parts of speech, and sentence structure. It also explains the basic steps in the writing process, with an aim toward writing clear, accurate sentences.
  • The plan of salvation is a gift to whoever chooses to make Jesus Christ the Lord of their life. This course focuses on how to make this choice.
  • The Cost of Salvation was something human efforts could not pay. This course describes the events and the price that had to be paid by Christ Jesus for the salvation of mankind.
  • This course teaches on the results of all that was given for the human race to obtain salvation.