Ministry Series 2

  • Getting Beyond Our Masks

    Many people live their daily life wearing a mask. They have learned to hide their true feelings in way where it's very difficult to detect the real from the mask. This lesson is packed with help from God's word to help others get beyond the mask and move on into their true God given identity.

  • Where True Happiness Begins
  • This lesson really brings to the forefront the meaning of newness where you'll explore your thought process and search the scriptures about the renewal of the mind.

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  • The Battle’s On –Since you are truly in warfare it is imperative toknow the enemies strategies and what weapons you are to use – Resistthe devil and he will flee fromyou (James 4:7).

  • MN – 105 - Meekness in the Presence of Sovereignty – In discussion of theChristian’s submissiveness and trusting attitude towards God, therebylooking beyond circumstances and bowing the knee to the sovereign God.

  • MN – 105 – Meekness – Is It Weakness or Strength? – Compares weakness tostrength in the sight of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • MN – 107 - Hungering and Thirsting for Righteousness – Living life in line withGod’s divine purpose at any cost in order to live in his righteousness.

  • MN – 108 - Peacemakers-----But Persecuted – Still studying the Sermon on the Mount while discussing the significance of the persecution a peacemakerwill suffer.

  • MN – 109 - Salt, Light, and You – The Christian is to always be seasoned withthe Word of God, never letting their light dim or diminish.