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Welcome to the AAMI Bible Institute Certificate Program. We are excited that you’ve decided to take this journey of studying God’s Word.

Our Doctrine:

We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Therefore, the authority of our faith and practice is Jesus Christ, who taught us to love God first and secondly to love every body as we love ourselves.

Our Goals:

The goals of the AAMI Bible Institute Certificate Program are to encourage a deeper love for God in each person by providing biblical instructions to increase the awareness of the need for spiritual growth, prayer, meditation, Bible study and worship, thereby developing a willingness to be mastered by the Word of God. It is also our goal to strengthen churches by training and equipping ministers and laymen for effective service.

Upon completion of your designated program, you will receive a beautiful certificate to display of your accomplishments from AAMI Global Bible Institute.


Each week your instructor will open an assignment window for you. You are required to complete the assignment within the time period designated for the week.

Email me @ aami.bible.institute@aamig.org with any questions or concerns.

Please also refer to the Site News on the left for an introduction from the President of AAMI Bible Institute.

AAMI Certificate

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Click on PayPal Icon for Payment of Registration and Course

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